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It’s no secret a well-designed barn will improve your herd’s productivity and health, and reduce potentially expensive vet visits. Artex Barn Solutions anchors its cow comfort solutions with the holistic Comfort Zone™ system, which considers a cow’s complete environment – from her stabling requirements and cooling, through to ventilation and light quality. Artex Barn Solutions manufactures and supplies free-stall barn equipment, including stalls, head locks, tipping water troughs, fans and calf-housing equipment. It also offers full design layout and equipment advice.

Critical pressure points where Artex and Daviesway excel at solving…

Cow-cooling solutions: In the hot summer months, cows will only lie down if they are cool – regardless how well stalls are designed. Adding smart cow-cooling solutions is critical to ensure the health, well-being and productivity of your herd.

Ventilation solutions: A strong ventilation strategy does more than just provide fresh air to a barn, it also offers a better environment for cows and staff, and slows the early decay of the barn and equipment.

Cattle-handling solutions: Artex and Daviesway offers the knowledge and experience to take care of cow comfort when revamping an existing barn or designing a new one.

Customised solutions: Artex and Daviesway understand that facilities and their management practices vary. Don’t give up until you have spoken to our team – your solution could be in plain sight.

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